Ocean View at The Dome Review

When we moved to Plymouth in June I fell in love with Plymouth Hoe the views of the Sea are spectacular and I always feel so relaxed and at home here.


I remember walking past “The Dome” and saying to Harriet what is that I found it so intriguing. I was amazed it wasn’t getting used, its location and style of the building looked like it could be a great venue.

So when I heard it was getting a makeover and turned into a bar and restaurant I was ecstatic.

We heard it was opening on the 1st of November so we headed along to catch a glimpse and try out their coffee and cakes. As soon as you walk into the venue your eyes are drawn to the dome and blue skies then quickly drawn to the stunning Ocean views unless you are Thea who was drawn to delicious-looking cakes at the entrance.

On arrival, we were greeted straight away and shown to a table overlooking the sea, very spectacular. Not only outside is spectacular but inside is as well. The venue has been styled very well, they did a great job and it reminded me of several classic restaurants in Glasgow. The how art decor style and colors fit perfectly for being by the sea and giving an air of sophistication.

So onto what we got. We opted for the £5 coffee and cake deal an absolute bargain. The coffee was of a high standard and the cakes portion are very generous and moreish. The service for being the 1st day was very attentive too.

So my review does not end there we went back on Sunday for lunch in the restaurant.

The restaurant is in a separate part of the dome but it has the same stunning views through the floor-to-ceiling windows it’s stunning but can be quite hot with the sun’s glare.

The restaurant itself is very stylish with a bar in the middle where drinks are made and brought to your table and an open view kitchen situated behind it. You can tell there has been a lot of thought put into the whole layout of the venue. It’s chic, stylish, and sophisticated but not over the top. We had our four-year-old with us and didn’t feel out of place but I cant wait to return with friends and try out the delicious-looking cocktail menu.

We started with some nibbles to start with pigs in blankets, hummus, and sourdough bread, and garlic butter all tasted great and perfect if you’re with family to share.

On to the main courses the child’s pasta is a great portion size and very tasty.

The adults well it being a Sunday we went for the Sunday Roast. I have had a few since moving down to Plymouth but this has been the best so far lamb was cooked perfectly. The roast potatoes are so crispy perfect with some gravy and an epic Yorkshire pudding while writing this I am already planning my next visit!.

The service and atmosphere in the restaurant for a Sunday was spot on a very nice playlist my wife kept saying that’s on my playlist! And we were looked after well and gave lots of information regarding the food and drinks menu.

So to round it up Ocean View at The Dome has something for everyone whether you are popping in for a coffee and cake after a walk along the front, cocktails with friends, or celebrating in their restaurant.


We all need to look after ourselves but being parents it can be hard to justify the time for self-care. There are always jobs to be done and time to be spent with our wee ones even I use to struggle to switch off and would feel guilty for having time to look after myself. I felt I didn’t deserve it but after running myself into the ground the last year trying to work and look after Thea I now prioritize my self-care. I know it helps my family and myself it makes me a happier and healthy version of myself, not a sleep-deprived grumpy old git.

But as I have said it’s not easy you feel guilty and I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what and how i should be looking after my self-care. I remember at first sitting in a bath thinking is this relaxing is this really helping me but I learned through time to make changes to certain activities make them personal to my needs and not just copy everyone else’s self-care ideas. So I will share what I do to look after my mind and especially my anxiety. This list may help you but remember not everything on here will help you we are all unique but there may be some parts you think you may enjoy so take them away and start your own self-care journey.

1)Walking 2021s top new pastime. I love walking but it’s hardly relaxing at the time of writing this , I live in a city so it’s busy it’s noisy and everyone is walking so at 1st this was hardly self-care more like hundreds of people trampling all over my anxiety. So I had to adapt to early morning walks or nighttime walks and when I made these small changes I truly started to appreciate walking and nature. I can walk 1st thing and the only noises will be the sound of the river and the morning wildlife it is bliss it puts a smile on my face and it’s a great start to the day. Nighttime again I have learned a walk around Glasgow University staring at the stars is a truly magical experience and love that I am exercising but my body and mind feel refreshed.

Fresh air great for clearing the head
Living the dream having a bath without your child having a poo at the same time

2) Okay let’s get back on the baths so I had to learn to enjoy baths and not just be like why I am sitting in warm water when I have 200 things to do. I had to learn to let go and relax and not feel bad for it. The turning point for me was my back during lockdown my back went no physio was available to me so I started baths with bath salts to improve this situation I also thought why not use this time to listen to podcasts it will take my mind off my worries and I might learn something. At first, I started listening to my sports podcasts but I found these wound me up instead of getting me to relax, so I started going through my social media looking for podcasts on Men’s Mental Health I think at this point of lockdown I felt quite alone and sad I was missing interaction and I didn’t want to be alone anymore. A good podcast can really lift your spirits and let you know others are suffering too. So what did I listen to well here’s one of my faves.

Lads Dads & A Couple of Beers Podcast this podcast is great, it can have you laughing and crying in the same podcast. It’s honest dads talking about MH with some great guests. I feel I am really part of the show I have a great connection to this podcast so please check it out. I know having an ice-cold beer with my bath it’s improved this self-care activity 10 fold. Please check Lads Dads & A Couple of beers out on Instagram, I-Tunes, and Spotify

LadsDadsand _CoupleofBeers @instagram

3)Lose yourself in Films- I love losing myself watching a movie tbh I love any sort of genre but if I want to relax I like a marvel, or some action, or a classic Comedy with Will Ferrall in it. I use sky Cinema they have a new movie most days and a brilliant catalog of movies to choose I currently pay £11 for the package. I you want the whole cinema experience you can’t go wrong with Cineworld’s unlimited viewing month pass starting from £9.99

Marvel and Chill

4) Wild Swimmimg – Be it in the sea or a loch you can’t beat that feeling of submerging yourself under ice cold fresh water and generally the scenery is stunning too in these locations. It’s great for resetting your mind and you feel like the weight of the world has been taking off your chest. Just make sure to ease into it the first few times go with a friend get the right kit and make sure you have a warm drink for after.

Swim time

5) Go and meet some friends I don’t do this as often but every so often I will go out for a couple of beers and catch up with mates. Go to a new bar or restaurant and just unwind with the Thea or Harriet. It’s important to have a break and mix with other people as if we need an excuse after Covid. Spending time with other people laughing and making memories is so important for your soul.

Cocktail time

Well there’s are start for you I will bring you part 2 and another 5 ways I take care of myself in the near future!

Take care

Tony D


Relocating with your family our journey

485 Miles the distance we moved this from the West End of Glasgow to Plymouth!.

City life Glasgow

I would love to say moving with a 4year old is all fun, games and smooth sailing but it’s not, it may only take 8-10 hrs to travel that distance depending on everyone’s mood and toilet breaks. But now a few months in we are still working on our relocation and I would say it will take a few more until everything falls into place.

Coastal life Plymouth

We swapped the city life of Glasgow to be nearer the sea by Plymouth. A move we thought long and hard about. For us after a very long and hard 18months of covid restrictions, our priorities had changed. We wanted to have a quieter life out of the city be nearer the sea and have a slower pace of life. With my wife Harriet being from Plymouth we had the opportunity to move here. I am going to give you some of the things we have learnt along the way that you may find helpful if you relocate or move.

Try Before you Buy!-. We made several trips to Plymouth before deciding we wanted to move we knew in the Summer it was glorious but we also checked it out during the winter including a very wet and windy but lovely and quiet perfect for us.

A very wet and cold Plymouth

Get A base- We had somewhere ready to move in straight away this was amazing it meant we could get settled straight away. Getting a good removal company to move everything down as well makes a world of difference and stress-free.

Sell before you move- We failed on this and had the stress of dealing with agents and viewings while being away not ideal and stressful. I would say also find a good estate agent pay slightly more to get the job done and save on the stress. It’s true what they say moving and selling are some of the most stressful things you will do in your life.

Education- Find out the education system before you move we found out that would be starting reception and not doing another year of nursery. Then find a good education setting. I can handle the stress of starting somewhere new but I want my child to have a smooth transition I want them to be happy and upset about moving. Visit some schools decide if you want and State or Independent and do what’s right for your child and your family. Research read reports from Ofstead and reviews.

Enjoy being a newbie- When you move to a new area don’t be scared to explore and try out new experiences you can find new hobbies, interests, and friends. We have loved walking Dartmoor, watching coastal sunsets, visiting Devon Beaches, and Sea swimming in Plymouth.

Exploring the Sea

Get A job- We are both self-employed so its means sort of starting over again as we build up our networks again. In many ways this has been a blessing it means we can help Thea settle and support her get all the house sorted and learn about the area. If we had a job to start straight away I think it would have been a struggle to balance everyone’s needs. Saying that I think it would have been nice if one of us had a 9-5 job to walk into if they still exist.

Prepare for the unknown – You can plan and plan but moving 500 miles with a family to a new city you will forget things and you cant bulletproof the future. So take it easy on yourself work as a team and remember why you have made this life-changing decision.

Join some groups- Nowadays online there is a group for everything so find some groups for the local area find some like minded and get out and explore, you cant half move you have to fully commit I think children are better than this than adults Thea already has a busier social calender than us and seems to have settled in quicker and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Enjoy it but it’s not easy

Hopefully this blog is useful if you are relocating or maybe it just gives you an insight into our move.

Take care

Tony D

2021 So Far

The first 6 weeks of this year have been rough for all of us I would say. For me personally I feel my batteries are on running on fumes trying to balance being self employed and having Thea at home as nurseries in Scotland are closed is hardly a bundle of fun, throw in you still cant visit family and friends and most places we go to relax are closed or out of our boundary , I heard rumours if you go 3 miles out of Glasgow you turn to dust, but that cant be true as half of Glasgow has been in Dubai recently (Get back in your boxes if your big enough to go you can take some stick)

So as it dawned on me that 2021 could be just like 2020 changes were needed not just for my wellbeing but my families too I think we all needed to change or adapt otherwise I think the house would of become a cross of Lord of Flies and The Hunger Games a survival of the fittest . So here are some of the changes I have made this year some more successful than others. As I was writing them down I released that some of them were insane.

  1. Communicate more to all my family this was Harriet and Thea. I work with children so communication at work is vital but also intense you work 9hrs with up to 100 children shouting at you, so at home sometimes my communication is lacking which causes chaos, you just say yes to everything and totally screw it up when you don’t bring home milk or forget to pick up your wife. For my communication to improve I had to listen to my families needs and feelings and stop playing FIFA god dam you family life. But when your in lockdown you need to talk to each other about your feelings.
  2. Honesty in the past I haven’t always been honest ” Tony how are you” “I am fine ” was the standard answer when normally I had loads of feelings but just surprised them which is like a disasters waiting to happen. I noticed if i was honest my family was honest to and made life easier. We would be honest about needing a break and started taking time outs. Even Thea started saying I am going to relax I need quiet time
  3. I stopped drinking coffee my anxiety was getting worse and being stuck inside I decided it wasn’t helping anyone. One day I did a coffee diary hells bells no wonder I was anxious the amount of caffeine I was putting in my body to fuel a small army. I of course being an all or nothing type of guy stopped all coffee. What followed is the worse withdrawal symptoms I have ever had in all my life lasted almost 2 weeks we had the sweats, grinding teeth, shakes, migraines ,blurry vision and tiredness like never before. After a few days i doctor google it and was glad to find out I wasn’t dying. I don’t think I will ever have another cup of coffee ever again. On the plus side I am saving a small fortune and my anxiety is not nearly as bad and I can make clearer more decisive decisions.
  4. Daily Gratitude 3 Things I am grateful I write them down each morning on my phone. One of my best changes. I start the deal more positive and happy. Its crazy something so small can make such a difference to your day.
  5. Daily Exercise I love to exercise but I like my routine of it go to the gym workout get a sauna and shower I’m happy as Larry. No chance of that this year so far so my exercise started to slip working out outside in Glasgow is grim especially in January. But I need exercise in my life for mental wellbeing it relaxes me. So I changed it up Yoga videos, core videos, running and walking. I am not going to lie I don’t get the same satisfaction from these workouts but they are helping keeping me centred. I guess that’s adapting to 2021 you do what you can, you have to make the most of your situation and keep going.
  6. I gave up FIFA I have always been a gamer I thought I needed it to relax but actually it was taking up time and annoying me how likes getting beat by a bunch of kids. Should of stopped years ago. This has gave me more time to relax in different ways like going for an evening walk, writing or reading which helps with my mental health making me a better person to be around which brings me onto my final change.
  7. Selfcare I think most of us could be kinder to ourselves. I use to think I took good care of myself but I never really relaxed. I felt I shouldn’t be allowed to relax I would beat myself up or think it was weak. I would say I was taking time for myself but I never switched off. I now love going for a bath listening to good podcast or going for a walk and taking some pictures of nature. You don’t need a full day for selfcare just 30 minutes here or there and after a while it becomes part of routine and you feel like a new person.

So I started this blog by thinking 2021 has been crappy but actually as I wrote this blog it came to me its enabled me to make changes to my life that benefit me. So just maybe 2021 has been good for me so far.

Dockyard Social

With Lockdown easing we have more opportunities to catch up with friends, get out and enjoy some good food.

The Dock Yard Social

But not everybody is confident about this.I have learnt talking to parents that they feel anxious .So this blog will be short to the point hopefully and talk about our visit to The Dockyard Social which will hopefully help other parents and anybody really just feel confident to get back to some normally.

I think it’s best to start at the beginning what is DockYard Social?

A converted warehouse based in Glasgow’s coolest area Finnieston .

Inside it you will find 10 street vendors (reduced vendors at the moment)that rotate every 2 weeks. The great thing is the street vendors are all different your taste buds really do get to travel around the world .

I had been several times before lockdown to events and drinks with friends and really enjoyed all my visits. This made me eager to see what changes would be in place

We checked on their web page and I was surprised we could book tickets for the Saturday for free!.

On arriving we noticed straight away more space the bus was gone I was delighted Thea was not ( Thea use to love running up and down the bus having a rammy ) but this frees up areas as does the fact there is less vendors less maybe but still plenty to keep two families going.

Also a very clear one way system to help you understand the layout.

There are signs for social distancing clearly set up around the venue. We were taken to our table which was a massive picnic bench. We had plenty of room away from all other visitors and somebody comes to take your drinks (in mask )order leaving us to settle the toddlers, baby and dog in.

That meant it was time for the daddies to go round the vendors and start ordering as always our eyes were bigger than our stomachs but you can’t blame us the smells of different flavours of cooking away beside you is immense.

Choices choices choices

I always find at Dockyard Social they have something for everyone all the times I have been there with family and friends no one goes away hungry.

Food glorious food

I have missed seeing my friends and having nice food it’s been a stressful few months so I was so grateful to have a stress free afternoon as a family with friends

So we stayed the an hour and a half we talked, we laughed, we ate it felt normal, it felt good and most importantly it felt safe.

A couple of points I want to highlight for you

Family friendly- Dockyard Social has a reputation for being family friendly and wow it still is we had 3 under 3 so you know they are there everyone was brilliant with them. I often get anxious but they were awesome at making us all feel welcome

Dog friendly,dogs are welcome which I love Thea loves dogs and they keep her entertained the more the better.

Atmosphere it was great no music no problem the venue is great when you walk through that door it’s like another world with all the vendors.The artwork is great and just adds to the chilled laid back atmosphere. Coming from someone who is generally very anxious that’s some achievement.

The food where to begin ,you have burgers, kebabs , curry’s , brownies, churros , sweet potato fries so good, name a few a brilliant mixture for all. Including fantastic vegan options those fries omg!!.

So overall if you want to try different foods and catch up with friends (as long as the FM says it’s okay) and feel safe Dockyard Social is the perfect choice for you.

Our visit was on a Saturday in August 2020

Open Friday/Saturday/Sunday


Family friendly perfect for a play date

Going to the Pub after Lockdown

I like a pub worked in enough of them over the years. I love the atmosphere and I treat it like a treat. Generally I don’t drink in the house never have but I do like a social drink down the local with family and friends. You know nice food and a couple of drinks.

So I have missed that time out from home life not having to cook, do the dishes just that chill time or quality time with your family round a table.

When bars and pubs reopened I wasn’t shocked I was excited. I feel we all have to be responsible for our own safety and others . If an establishment has set rules or guidelines we should follow them no argument it’s to keep us safe and others.

Saying that living in Glasgow I’m surrounded by bars. Before deciding where I wanted to go with my family I checked them out walking past. Thankfully most bars looked happy and there was lots of social distancing unfortunately one or two looked like they had an old firm on before lockdown .

I decided after walking past one of fave locals and Thea shouting I want to go to the pub to book a table the next day for nibbles and drinks

So the next day off we went to Stravaigin at lunch time. At this point it was outside tables only. About 5 or 6 all distanced apart and no one behind us (see pic). It was perfect we felt safe straight away. We did the usual leave our contact details as well.

Nobody behind us so it felt extra safe

Onto ordering you scan the menu and it comes up on your phone. I have heard people moan about this around the UK but it worked perfectly for us and we quickly ordered our nibbles and drinks which arrived super quick.

As always great service
Scan your menu

Toilets next another hot topic one in one out. We had no issues with this there was a queuing system but as you were outside you know if there was a que I never saw one.

Experience overall it was great Stravaigin have obviously followed all the guidelines and trained staff on new procedures. This helped with the experience I was at ease through out and it was a great a family experience.

This is how I know we had a good time check that face

Will I go back of course maybe today for a quick one. It’s lovely having Stravaigin back and Thea adores it there,they make her feel at home what more can a parent want.

The Problem of Instagram Pods

So where to start many of us won’t know what a pod is or why it may concern us, so I guess that’s were to start.

A pod somewhere from 15 up to a 1000 so called influencers or people with the “same interests” agree to like or comment on each other’s post to beat the Instagramalgorithm .

Or that’s what they say. Each will have set rules which you must follow or get kicked.

Most of these pods will be on telegram or others apps. They may use hashtags to notify each other so they know who to like and comment and when.

I want to say these aren’t for example a support network group were you talk to each and offer help as the main point of these pods is you have to engage on posts.

To gain as many followers as possible how do I know this it’s all over the internet people saying they are great as it takes to long to naturally grow your account god give me strength this is parents saying this.

Why am I raising this?

I guess since lockdown Instagram has gone crazy I’m asked daily how do I grow my account, I want more dad followers. I want I want I want ….

If that’s the reason your using social media or me I don’t really want to interact with you as it’s already sort of fake.

It really depends what your using your account for. My account was started for me and my family I talk about family and my Mental Health topics that really shouldn’t fake. I find it very sad people would post about such personal topics then use pods and fake comments to promote it. I mean if you have nothing to hide just tell everything what your up to and stop editing posts afterwards. Be 100% honest on such delicate subjects.

I wanted to talk about ads so have contacted some companies about what they think of people using pods I will update this as I get more info but the word “shocked” has been used.

But what do I know so I did more digging and found a great report by researchers at NYU


A really great read which shows you the problem is worldwide and that Instagram are aware of these issues and have and will take action again. This study found 2 million posts had been affected by pods with more than 100,000 accounts taking part and this is only one study.

So if your going to use a pod why not be honest and tell everyone that’s my question to you.

Personally I won’t be joining one anytime soon. I feel it sets a bad example. It reminds of the annoying kid in school. The one that would complete GTA in a day using all the codes while it would take me and my other mates months.

In the long run they missed out as we shared our experiences each day laughed and cried “why can’t I complete that level”. Just remember in a world where we seem to demand everything straight away sometimes it’s fun to go slow and just enjoy the experience.

Potty training during Lockdown

Let’s start with this “Oh yes a perfect time for potty training,is lockdown “ this was the response from most people when we talked about Thea beginning to use the toilet.

I’m going to save a fortune

My question to them is, how the bloody hell do you know, as far I’m aware this is the 1st lockdown and I’m sure if we had one before it wasn’t used for toilet/potty training but maybe I missed something.

Onto my second moan what the bloody hell do you call it, I got pulled up for calling it potty training but toilet training sounds not right either. I mean no offence but I am going to use the term potty training in this blog my anxiety levels are at full capacity after 3 -4 months of lockdown with a toddler.

So Tony get back on track, we decided to start Thea potty training when lockdown started aren’t we fun parents. It has been interesting to say the least we ran out of frozen pants use your imagination on that one.

But how did it go I’m going to bullet point some of our journey ( some people get to go on a journey around the world this journey was not like that).

1) Potty training is a journey some days are better than others. Thea was eager to learn but basically some days she just wanted to poo in her pants. The reasons I’m not happy, I’m tired and there is a monster in the potty.

2) We found having a routine helped potty beside the bed for morning and night,gently reminding her to go. This worked well but some days the potty would just get launched across the room.

3) Pees are way easier than poo’s well this is what Thea was like. Poo’s for along time were done in her pants in our closet in the dark.

4) Take a break if it gets intense, don’t stress and we don’t want our little ones getting upset. It will only take longer and you don’t want them being scared it will only make a bigger problem

5) Working with children I know that toilet training can be sped up with siblings and watching their peers in nursery. This were I think lockdown is not always the best time. Imagine all your life happy pooping in your nappy. Then your mummy or daddy says you don’t do that you do A,B,C your toddler if stubborn might tell you to do one as they don’t believe you.

Some days it’s not worth the battle

6) Reward chart again used in nursery or stickers we had stickers went down a storm. We spoke to Thea about potty training loads and loads. Thea loves stickers she wanted Peppa pig ones so pretty simple and we would hand them out at night and just encourage and praise her.

7)Nursery taught me this one children are all unique and different. Of course take advice but don’t get upset if it doesn’t work for you. Seeing headlines on social media saying my kid potty trained in a week is crazy good for them but in the majority it takes longer. I have potty trained someone in a nursery setting in a week but that’s totally different from the Lockdown situation. In my experience it takes as long as it takes you want them to be confident and independent not traumatised.

8) But really what do I know. I don’t even know if Thea fully trained. I mean the only toilet she has used is the one in the house. I have no idea in a social situation if she will ask her teacher or know to go only time will tell.

Stay calm even when others are having a melt

My SkinCare Routine with El Naturals

My skincare where to begin?. When I was in my teens I suffered with extreme acne so bad my doctor put me on medication for it. It calmed down but can flare up and I have scarring which my daughter loves to point out. For years I have hopped between brands trying to find a solution, spent a fortune and so much time hunting it out (why can you never find the products you want in shops).

El Naturals

So when El naturals gifted me their new Father’s Day range I was really excited. You see their skin care products are unisex and produced specifically so it can be used by all skin types and all family members.

After hearing about other parents having the same problems as myself I thought it would be useful to run through the products I’m using and my daily routine.

1)Q10 Cleanser

2)Black Clay Mask

3)Collagen Moisturiser

4)Marula Oil

My skin care bundle

Onto my routine above is the order I use the products but you may change the order we all have different skin it’s what suits you.I will now talk about the range and how they help my skin feel refreshed and rejuniveted.

1) Q10 cleanser – I start with this, I gently massage into my skin and use a clean damp face cloth to remove it. I use about a 1 pence piece of the cleanser. It’s great for cleaning my face and repairing my skin perfect 1st thing in the morning.The cleanser has avacado and apricot oils in it which help nourish the skin and here comes the science bit Co-Enzyme Q10 which repairs the skin cells by producing energy amazing.

Q10 Cleanser

2)Black Clay Mask. I use roughy the same amount as I do with the cleanser or more sometimes as I love the stuff. It’s brilliant for cleaning my skin getting the rid of the dirt on my face and opening my pores. I gently rub the clay mask all over my face as your doing this you can feel it going to work getting . I then splash my face I personally like to rub again and finally cleanse my face with cold water. How does it keep you looking young and fresh we have grape seed for better circulation and omega 6 to reduce your pores.

Black Clay Mask

3)Collagen moisturiser if only you could smell it wow!,it has a cherry extract in it. It’s a delight,it’s not an overpowering smell as all the skincare products are scented to be used by anybody. It’s like a fresh slightly summery smell. But apart from smelling great this helps us stay young it has key oils , essitntial extracts and marine collagen and Goto Kola!.

You would think moisturising is easy just grab loads and chuck it on… no I never use to do this !!. This is how I moisturise now I use no more than pea shape at a time , warm up it up my hands and gently massage circles around my cheeks the driest part of my face . Then I move onto rest of your face. This is how my routine works I take my time I enjoy it and use it as relaxation time as well.

4)Marula Oil Face Body Serum. I will be honest before using El Naturals I had never tried anything like this before. I will now be using it forever. I’m going to tell you it makes me feel or try too it lifts your glow and skin to the next level. It’s feel luxurious and you smell like you have been to an extravagant Spa on holiday but really your in your bathroom on a Monday morning.On top of that it works brilliantly at helping my scars heal and be less pronounced .

How does it do this, well you have Marula and Apricot oils to help your skin to look fresh and ready for the day. But how does it repair your skin?, it has essential primrose and prickly pear oils included in it.

As I was new to this I got the experts to help how best to use the oil. Apply the Murula oil to your skin by using your finger again I like gentle circles I obviously lead a stressful life. One or two drops should be plenty.

Murula Oil Face & Body Serum

And that is my skincare routine with El Naturals. I hope you find it useful .

Before I finish I just a quick word from my wife Harriet- Hi I have suffered with severe excema and allergies all my life this is has made finding skincare products a real challenge. I often find products set my skin off which is difficult as the reaction will stay for hours or days. El naturals skincare range has been amazing for myself I can look after my skin every morning without worrying I will be in pain. Also I can pinch Tony’s too as it’s unisex.

Thanks Harriet and thank you El Naturals for some great products and getting my skincare routine sorted for me. I have put the website and Instagram page up so you can go and check them out and start your new skincare routine.



Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

So this years theme “Kindness” and let’s be honest with lockdown in almost its 10th week as I write this we could all do with some lovely kind words.


We are going through the unknown we have never had something like this in my generation .

Which means we don’t really know how to react or think . We are told by social media and the news to stay positive but on the same sites told of doom and gloom or worse you witness hate as people argue their points not willing to be wrong or knowing the damage they cause to others .

My question is why not just be kind or as I tell the children pay a complement,make someone smile or if you are annoyed take a deep breath and talk about it. Surely you would prefer to brighten someone’s day rather than ruin it. Often by being kind you will get someone to open up you may even find out you have helped them what a great feeling.

A prime example of kindness is our Thursday night routine of banging our pots and decorating our windows in support for key workers some gestures that bring people together when in isolation. What I have noticed is the smiles it brings to peoples faces .

This leads me onto my thoughts of kindness why are we kind ?. For me when I link it to my mental health . I want to be kind to help people. You never know what someone is going through are they suffering. You can look amazing and be faking it to Oscar level but inside be crumbling and drowning.

I guess we have had all experienced kindness and unkindness. Think of how you felt when you received this kindness I’m sure it was 100 time’s better than the unkindness you received.

Think isn’t it so much nicer to be kind

Think you can make people feel that by supporting someone or just listening to what someone is going through . You may of been through something similar. So if you can choose to be kind.

I want to round this off with why mental health awareness week is so important to me. It gives us a chance to talk about mental health so hopefully we can end the stigma behind. Obviously this takes time but my big driving force is Thea and working with children I want them to feel safe and secure when talking about their feelings.

Lockdown this year is going to have a massive affect on them anything up to maybe 5/6 months of missing school,nursery, playgroups is a massive amount of time to miss out on.

Missing out on social interaction and new experiences

I know lots of my training in Early Years Education was on the importance of social interaction for 2-6 year olds especially and what can happen if they miss out on this .

They will need our kindness over the next few months even when lockdown is raised . Our kindness will keep their chins up and encourage them to be open about their feelings and help us understand them.

But why stop with children if we can be kind to children we can be kind to each other too. During the next few months lots of us may go through difficult time’s let’s build each other up by being kind instead of tearing each other down . I think you may find it beneficial to yourself and the people you are helping

Don’t be a dick be kind