Relocating with your family our journey

485 Miles the distance we moved this from the West End of Glasgow to Plymouth!.

City life Glasgow

I would love to say moving with a 4year old is all fun, games and smooth sailing but it’s not, it may only take 8-10 hrs to travel that distance depending on everyone’s mood and toilet breaks. But now a few months in we are still working on our relocation and I would say it will take a few more until everything falls into place.

Coastal life Plymouth

We swapped the city life of Glasgow to be nearer the sea by Plymouth. A move we thought long and hard about. For us after a very long and hard 18months of covid restrictions, our priorities had changed. We wanted to have a quieter life out of the city be nearer the sea and have a slower pace of life. With my wife Harriet being from Plymouth we had the opportunity to move here. I am going to give you some of the things we have learnt along the way that you may find helpful if you relocate or move.

Try Before you Buy!-. We made several trips to Plymouth before deciding we wanted to move we knew in the Summer it was glorious but we also checked it out during the winter including a very wet and windy but lovely and quiet perfect for us.

A very wet and cold Plymouth

Get A base- We had somewhere ready to move in straight away this was amazing it meant we could get settled straight away. Getting a good removal company to move everything down as well makes a world of difference and stress-free.

Sell before you move- We failed on this and had the stress of dealing with agents and viewings while being away not ideal and stressful. I would say also find a good estate agent pay slightly more to get the job done and save on the stress. It’s true what they say moving and selling are some of the most stressful things you will do in your life.

Education- Find out the education system before you move we found out that would be starting reception and not doing another year of nursery. Then find a good education setting. I can handle the stress of starting somewhere new but I want my child to have a smooth transition I want them to be happy and upset about moving. Visit some schools decide if you want and State or Independent and do what’s right for your child and your family. Research read reports from Ofstead and reviews.

Enjoy being a newbie- When you move to a new area don’t be scared to explore and try out new experiences you can find new hobbies, interests, and friends. We have loved walking Dartmoor, watching coastal sunsets, visiting Devon Beaches, and Sea swimming in Plymouth.

Exploring the Sea

Get A job- We are both self-employed so its means sort of starting over again as we build up our networks again. In many ways this has been a blessing it means we can help Thea settle and support her get all the house sorted and learn about the area. If we had a job to start straight away I think it would have been a struggle to balance everyone’s needs. Saying that I think it would have been nice if one of us had a 9-5 job to walk into if they still exist.

Prepare for the unknown – You can plan and plan but moving 500 miles with a family to a new city you will forget things and you cant bulletproof the future. So take it easy on yourself work as a team and remember why you have made this life-changing decision.

Join some groups- Nowadays online there is a group for everything so find some groups for the local area find some like minded and get out and explore, you cant half move you have to fully commit I think children are better than this than adults Thea already has a busier social calender than us and seems to have settled in quicker and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Enjoy it but it’s not easy

Hopefully this blog is useful if you are relocating or maybe it just gives you an insight into our move.

Take care

Tony D

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