Sleep Review

The one thing I took for granted before Thea was born was sleep I could wake up when I wanted and feel refreshed . I took for granted that 7-9 hrs a night of uninterrupted bliss.

I shouldn’t grumble too much we had a pretty good 1st year of sleep but from about 14 months onwards Thea decided to join the #5amparentsclub regularly waking up at 5am and not settling. We had a few months of these early starts and 1 or 2 wake ups a night we got by. Unfortunately this was not enough for Thea as the starts got earlier 4-4.30am with the wake up during the nights too. On top of this it was starting to take Thea longer to settle each night up to an hr on average 45 mins. We were beginning to struggle feeling run down, grumpy and trying to balance several plates while sleep deprived.

I started researching on web and found lots of blogs and different stories and advice. Working with children I knew they were all unique and different meaning what works for one might not work one. I decided I wanted a professional to help us who specialises in sleep routines and has experience in helping and guiding parents . So after several weeks of visiting different websites, reading reviews and trying to find that perfect person to help us . I had found someone I went with my gut as soon as I started to read their background and the way they spoke about sleep and children I knew this would be the person to help us .

We choose Sarah (Teach To Sleep) to help us, Sarah is a certified Holistic Sleep Coach qualified at OCN Level 3 , has a BSC in Cognitive science , PGCE in Primary Education and a MA in education . On top of this Sarah is a parent to two children and worked in schools in London. Having these qualifications and experience of working with children I knew Sarah would be perfect to help us.

Sarah has a range of services from a one off email to a private home consul station or even a group workshop.

We are decided on a Private Sleep Consultation which includes :

Evaluation based on questionnaire

Private telephone consultation to discuss best strategies (1hr)

Email follow up within 2 weeks

Price £150

What did we discuss and what we decided to do …

What I learnt straight away from our phone call was to be honest, I was honest that I didn’t really now what I was doing, I was knackered and I needed help. By being honest Sarah will be able to advise you and help with your child’s sleep. I felt I was learning straight away on the phone.

I don’t know about you but I never thought of bedtime as a routine or knew how long it should last we would take sometimes 90 mins for bath,stories and settling Thea down . This had to be cut down to 40 minutes max why ?, so Thea knew it was bedtime. On top of this we were told to keep the bedtime routine as similar as possible

This also included the same story and same song, I knew that children learn through routines and repetitive behaviour helps a child learn and build confidence . But when it comes to your own ,your judgement and confidence can waver I was literally at my wits end totally sleep deprived so getting this was advice and help was great not just for Thea but my well being as well.

When talking with Sarah you will get an abundance of advice . Little things like we got advised to take Thea to toilet when she woke up . This has been great for helping her sleep through as her nappy is not wet and it has helped with her potty training .


My best complement to Sarah is that Thea is happier and just as important mummy and daddy are happy and feel a hell of a lot fresher now we overall get an extra 2 hrs sleep a night roughly.

How is Thea happier she is not as tired she doesn’t get upset at nighttime anymore , she doesn’t take hrs to settle and she gets up at semi sensible time , don’t get me wrong as with all kids not everyday is the same she gets up the odd day earlier but now it’s nice to spend that time with her instead of waking up everyday at 4.30-5.00 am. During the day Thea has more energy for fun activities , she is less emotional or maybe just less tired.

So if you need some advice on sleep for your child or basically your like me and can’t survive on under 6 hrs sleep everyday get in contact with Sarah at

2 thoughts on “Sleep Review

  1. Sounds like you have taken the right steps for the help buddy. We’ve never had the early 5am starts, earliest any of my 5 girls have got up is 6.30am. My 4yr old maybe 3 or 4 nights a week wakes through the night, usually midnight ish, sometimes settles back in her own bed after a story or ends up falling asleep on a bed she’s made on our bedroom floor and camps in our room for the night. Hope you can improve your current sleeping situation and both you and mum can get some rest.

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    1. That’s great I love how you make your bed into camps. Sarah said to us it’s what works for you and them. You hear or get told what what’s right and wrong but every child and family is different . Thea will sometimes come in with us about 4am and if we let will continue to sleep but if we fight it she us up from then on that day .


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